Western Washington Chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America - WWGPAA

Outing, Event and Meeting Schedule

Our Chapter meetings are usually on the 2nd Saturday of the month and outings are from March through October usually on the 3rd weekend. This is our 2019 meeting & outing schedule, check back before each meeting or outing, things change.

Date Outings, Meetings and Events
July 13, 12 pm Board meeting, before the general meeting
July 13, 1 pm General monthly meeting
July 19 - 21 OUTING - Yellow Jacket, GPAA claim, More info at meeting
August 10, 1 pm General monthly meeting
August 16 - 18 OUTING - Snowballs Chance, dual outing with Everett Chapter
August 23 & 24 Miner’s Rally, Liberty, WA, More info at meeting
September 14, 1 pm General monthly meeting
September 20 - 22 OUTING - Cape Disappointment - Park Map
October 12 & 13 Bedrock Gold, Gem and Treasure Show - More info
October 12, 12 pm Board meeting, before the general meeting
October 12, 1 pm General monthly meeting & BAKE SALE
November 9, 1 pm General monthly meeting
November, TBD Kitsap Gem & Mineral Show, Kitsap County Fairgrounds
December 14, 1 pm General monthly meeting & Christmas Party
December 21, TBD Group Breakfast, Airport Diner, Belfair, WA

Our Chapter Claims

We have 3 claims, Redbird 1, Redbird 2 and Freedom.
These claims are chapter claims and not GPAA They are for our chapter members only.
Come to a meeting for more information about our claims.

Outing information

Outing information, including times, directions and what to expect are distributed at the meetings.

Guidelines for Outing Hosts

See Eric if you would like to be a host at one of our outings. Click here for the guidelines.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is permitted at more than 60 state parks throughout Washington. Users of metal detectors must register first with Washington State Parks and comply with posted regulations. The registration form, rules, and a list of parks that allow detecting may be found in the Metal Detecting in Washington State Parks brochure, which is available from park rangers at 360-902-8500 or from the Washington Telecommunications Relay Service at 800-833-6388.

Metal detecting areas vary in each park. Some parks allow detecting in developed public-use areas and unoccupied campsites, while other parks allow detecting in specific areas only.

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